1. Type of questions

• Matching Headings Questions

– Choose a heading from the list which matches a section or a paragraph in a passage.
– Read the heading before passage.
– It can be more heading then its required for answer i.g there are 7 question but headings given are 10. It might happen.
– Analysis heading before reading the questions and paragraph.
– Answer will not in order.

• Categorisation Questions.
– Decide which category the information belongs to from a list.
– Find question related information from the passage.
– Decide which category the information is belongs to.
– Look out for a paragraphs and try skim and scan technique.

• Matching Sentence Endings.
– From the given list, complete sentence by match of start of the question by correct ending given list.
– Locate information from passage.
– Understand the information.
– Read the sentence and then read through possible matchings.
– Choose best ending to match the sentence from the passage.
– The complete sentence must be correct grammatically.
– The starting of sentence should follow the order of information given in passage.

• Table Completion.
– Completing table with using word from passage.
– Locate specific information from the passage.
– Choosing appropriate word.
– Read the column heading in the table.
– Identify the word type needed for each part of table.

• Flow Chart Completion Questions.
– Completing the flow chart using correct word from passage.
– Identify the type of word needed for each part of a flow chart.
– Select the appropriate words from the passage.
– Check the number of words that can be use in answer only.
– Answer do not always come in order.

• Diagram Completion Questions.
– Give a label in to a diagram.
– Identify what type of word is needed to be answer as it is noun or verb or etc.
– Find the information in passage.
– Check the number of words that can be use in answer.
– Relate information to a diagram.

• Short Answer Questions.
– Answer the questions regarding the details in passage.
– Understanding details and specific information.
– Use skim and scan process to find answer.
– Answer will come in order.

2. Tip of make reading easy

• Time is a key point.

In a reading test you will get 60 minutes to solve 40 question and there will be 3 section so I always advice my students do that try to complete section 1 and section 2 in 17 to 18 minutes thus you got more time for section 3 as it could be quite difficult from this 2 sections.

• Read the given instructions carefully.

Some good scorer also loss marks in reading as in hurry they can not give attention to the given instructions.

• Improving reading speed.

To improve reading skill read magazine , newspaper everyday . it will help you to read faster and also update you the information world wide. It will be helpful for example ideas in writing and even in reading in to the spead.

3. Score Table

Band Score 9 8.5 8 7.5 7 6.5 6 5.5 5 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5
Score / 40 39-40 37-38 35-36 32-34 30-31 26-29 23-25 18-22 16-17 13-15 10-12 8-10 6-7 4-5

4. Videos for reading tip